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We are a leading designer and manufacturer of heat exchange solutions. With years of experience in developing customized products for commercial and industrial applications, we specialize in engineering complex heat exchange projects.

Efficient, innovative, and versatile – our products are engineered to leverage the performance of heat transfer installations, enhance the efficiency of thermal processes, and tackle application and operation challenges. Design & research expertise, the mastery of science and technology processes, and in-house manufacturing optimization are at the core of AIC’s projects.

& Production

Expertise, technology
and resources – from concept
design to production

At AIC, we bring design and engineering experts together because we believe that collaboration, experience and multidisciplinary knowledge deliver the most innovative and efficient products.

Our new project design goes from an idea verified by a series of tests and simulations, through the prototype construction and analysis, to the final manufacturing process. Supported by in-house resources and specialized teams of engineers, we offer customized solutions that can facilitate the most demanding applications. With the R&D division, FEM and CFD team, thermal laboratory and prototyping workshop, no AIC’s heat exchange project is limited by capabilities or expertise.


From hot domestic water
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We are dedicated to delivering the product you need. Our services cover the entire project development process – a complete design, engineering solutions, CFD/FEM analysis, thermal testing and prototyping.

We are dedicated to delivering the product you need.

Our services cover the entire project development process – a complete design, engineering solutions, CFD/FEM analysis, thermal testing and prototyping.

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