Water Heaters

Instantaneous water heaters
and storage tanks

The perfect foundation for building energy-efficient and compact solutions.

Condensing water heaters, both instantaneous and storage versions, with maximum efficiency levels, low NOx and economical running costs.


Condensing water heaters are designed to provide high heat transfer, thermal efficiency, and consistent performance. They are able to provide the required amount of domestic hot water and meet even the highest demands. They are characterized by high resistance to corrosion and limescale.


AIC's condensing heat exchangers for water heating are the perfect starting point for the construction of energy-efficient, compact in size, instantaneous, or storage water heaters. The primary benefit is that high-efficiency condensing water heaters are designed to transfer and retain more heat in the water than a standard gas water heater. This reduces the amount of wasted heat and total energy use.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured fully in-house, heat exchangers are a blend of practicality and simplicity of construction. Engineered to ensure durability, flawless performance, and the highest efficiency rates.

The main features of AIC stainless steel
condensing water heaters include:

Our heaters’ efficiency is more than 95%, which is significantly higher than conventional water heaters.

Design, technology of production, and the proper choice of stainless steel grade, make our devices resistant to corrosion and fatigue. They are a durable option for water heaters.

With a small footprint, they are a perfect option for homes or buildings with limited space.

Designed to produce lower emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants, they are more environmentally friendly option.


Condensing instantaneous water heater with integrated storage.


High performance with 500 liters of storage, manufactured from duplex stainless steel, defined by Helical Fire Tube heat exchanger. Perfect product selection when significant peak demand and continuous flow of DHW is a major requirement.

Power range:
99kW (335 MBTUH)
230kW (800 MBTUH)
290kW (1000 MBTUH)


Stainless steel, floor-standing, condensing heat exchanger for space heating and instantaneous domestic hot water generation.


Designed to optimize efficiency and performance. An additional domestic hot water circuit allows for immediate response to hot water demands. Perfectly suited for residential and light-commercial applications.

Power range:
45kW (150 MBTUH)
80kW (270 MBTUH)
120kW (399 MBTUH)


Stainless steel reversed instantaneous indirect water heater.


REX heaters use the boiler or heat pump to heat domestic water instantly upon demand. REX heaters also act as a buffer tank to eliminate short cycling. REX heaters are an efficient solution for new projects and an ideal choice for retrofit applications to improve existing system performance and reduce installation costs.

Power range:
150 Liters (40 gallons)
190 Liters (50 gallons)
300 Liters (80 gallons)
435 Liters (115 gallons)


Floor-standing condensing instantaneous water heater.


Made entirely of duplex and austenitic stainless steel, Baltic has high resistance to all types of corrosion. Specially designed tubes and an intelligent baffle system to secure uniform water distribution guarantee high-efficiency water heating. The design ensures that scale buildup inside the device is kept to a minimum.

Power range:
145kW (500 MBTUH)
220kW (750 MBTUH)
290kW (1000 MBTUH)


Stainless steel water heaters and storage tanks.


Designed to be supplied from multiple heating systems, where heat sources are heat pumps, solar systems, and boilers. Available in many configurations, including a storage tank and one or more coils.

Power range:
30–1000 Litres
(8–265 gallons)

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