High-efficiency heat exchangers for a wide range of applications.

AIC offers unique solutions for a diverse range of applications. All products are constructed according to the required regulations, ensuring exceptional quality and safety.


Heat exchangers produced by AIC enable effective heat transfer for central heating systems, heating domestic and swimming pool water, industrial installations, waste heat recovery, and food processing industries around the world.

AIC’s stainless steel heat exchangers are applied in a variety of industrial applications, such as oil and gas, power generation, and chemical processing. They are adapted to aggressive media and large flows, have a large heat exchange surface, and are compact. Additionally, they can withstand high-temperature differentials, variations in pressure, and possible hammers and shocks in the system.

AIC also manufactures heat exchangers suited for gas and oil condensing boilers. This type of heat exchanger is characterized by a low-pressure drop on the gas side and self-cleaning flue gas tubes that eliminate combustion residue. The anti-scaling baffling system eliminates hot spots. Duplex stainless steel heat exchangers dedicated to domestic hot water have unmatched resistance to all types of corrosion, offer a low pressure drop, and have a large surface area for maximum heat transfer.

Due to the growing ecological requirements related to exhaust emissions, AIC offers a range of free-standing uniform economizers characterized by unique tube designs. They recover waste heat as an additional source of energy and increase the efficiency of the system. AIC’s heat exchangers for food processing comply with strict hygienic requirements. They are designed with a smooth inner surface and a disassembly option. Our product portfolio also offers solutions for new energy sources, such as heat and power generators and fuel cells. AIC’s solutions are engineered to optimize performance, resulting in compact, highly efficient heat exchangers.


Stainless steel heat exchangers are essential in various applications, as they can efficiently transfer heat while minimizing energy consumption. With various designs and configurations, they recover and recycle thermal energy and manage both heating and cooling processes.

Central heating systems are powered by fuels that generate heat, which is then transferred by water throughout the heated area. AIC provides a complete range of stainless steel heat exchangers suited for gas and oil condensing boilers of residential and commercial sizes.

Domestic hot water systems supply hot water to fixture units of a sink, shower, bathtub, and other appliances. AIC offers a wide range of stainless-steel condensing water heaters, including instantaneous and storage versions for households, car washes, hotels, and institutional building applications.

Pool heating systems are responsible for heating and maintaining swimming pools at the desired temperature. Heat exchangers for such applications must be resistant to a highly corrosive environment. AIC specializes in shell-and-tube heat exchangers for residential and industrial applications, widely used for swimming pools.

Waste heat recovery systems are widely used in a number of industries. The process of increasing efficiency by recycling expelled heat that would otherwise be wasted has a significant impact on energy and cost savings. AIC provides various design patterns for different heat recovery systems in commercial and industrial applications.

Modern food processing lines must comply with strict regulations. Heat exchangers need to allow food products to be safely and efficiently processed while maintaining their quality and taste. AIC heat exchangers dedicated to this industry have a smooth inner surface and can be completely disassembled for regular cleaning.

Fuel cell operation is distinguished by high efficiency and low emissions. Fuel cells can run on a variety of fuels, and they are a clean and efficient way to generate electricity. AIC specializes in heat exchangers dedicated to these applications.

A heat pump is an element of modern central heating and cooling systems. Based on the CO2 cycles, the heat pumps can absorb heat from the outside air, which makes them a high-efficiency solution. The heat exchangers for this solution must withstand extreme pressures and operate over a wide temperature range.

The heat pump systems require buffer tanks to reduce cycling and run smoothly. AIC’s tanks are equipped with coils that provide an extended heating surface to enhance heat transfer efficiency.