Thermal Laboratory

In-house modern thermal laboratory with a broad range of testing capabilities.

Continuous product development is essential to provide clients with the best-in-class heat exchangers. With our thermal laboratory, we can verify our design ideas swiftly and improve the products we offer.


Our in-house thermal laboratory allows us to perform complete thermal and mechanical verification of heat exchangers. Tests are run according to the standards and specific requirements of a particular project.

The development of heat exchangers has taught us that, from an engineering perspective, every project requires an individual approach.

Building full awareness of the offered product by understanding its working mechanisms has become an essential aspect affecting a project's overall success. One of the critical elements to delivering all new product parameters is to perform complete testing.

Our thermal laboratory has been built as a step ahead to meet the continuously growing market demand for complex products. In order to deliver them to clients, it is essential to perform in-depth verification of their overall effectiveness and reliability.

Consisting of a specific purpose-designed apparatus certified according to ISO 9001 and operated by an experienced team of engineers, our thermal laboratory has all the necessary capabilities to support the comprehensive development of our products.


Our in-house testing and validation ensure a well-coordinated process and flexibility in design, all according to standards. With the in-depth knowledge and experience of our laboratory experts, we can test and verify our products quickly and efficiently.

Flexibility and

AIC’s thermal laboratory can perform all necessary tests for most heat exchangers in order to check their effectiveness and reliability. A team of experienced test engineers has all the required skills to adapt all available equipment and apparatus to the specific tests required in the project.

Agility and time effectivness

We take full advantage of the in-house thermal laboratory. We run all tests agilely, managing them quickly and, if necessary, reacting with rapid implementation of design changes to the tested device. It reduces the time needed for a particular unit to be fully verified.

Certification and Standards

We have experience with testing procedures for a number of different standards and organisations, such as ErP, ASHRAE, ISO, etc. Certifications of ISO 9001, ISO 17025, and ISO 15502 guarantee the highest level of reliability of all tests carried out in the thermal lab.

Thermal laboratory tests

Common tests performed
in our thermal laboratory.

Tests for gas and oil boilers with nominal boiler input up to 2MW in acc. with wg PN-EN 15502-1:2022-04/AC:2023-01 (9.2) and water heaters with nominal boiler input up to 520 kW in acc. with wg PN-EN 89 i PN-EN 13203-1.

Verification of thermal energy losses in. acc with wg PN-EN 15502-1:2022-04/AC:2023-01 (

Verification of pressure drop / pressure resistance in acc. with wg PN-EN 15502-1:2022-04/AC:2023-01 (8.3).

Verification of NOx classification level for gas and oil boilers in acc. with wg PN-EN 15502-1:2022-04/AC:2023-01 (8.13.2).

Verification of noise emission level in acc. with wg PN-EN ISO 15036-1

Verification of distribution of temperature fields

Verification of heat exchanger durability under cycling pressure loads - up to 38 bar single cycle pressure

Testing the operation and durability of heat exchangers in severe environment of hard water

Verification of the temperature of a heat exchanger’s critical elements in order to indicate hot spots and avoid potential overheating

Verification of the boiling occurrence at selected temperature, pressure and water flow parameters

Testing the operation and durability of heat exchangers in working conditions

ISO Standards

The research methods used by our laboratory are applied according to standards. The AIC laboratory has certified proficiency in selected ISO 15502 tests.


The tests carried out in compliance
with particular standards include:

PN-EN ISO 15502-1 + A1: 2022 standard

  • Efficiency testing of gas boilers at nominal power
  • Efficiency test of gas boilers at partial power
  • Test of heat losses in standby mode
  • Hydraulic resistance test on the water-side
  • NOx classification test

PN-EN ISO 15036-1 standard

  • Sound power level test