Stainless steel secondary
heat exchangers

Exceptional heat recovery and increased system efficiency.

Stainless steel secondary heat exchangers of various design patterns for different heat recovery systems in commercial and industrial applications.


Condensing economizers are heat exchangers intended to reduce energy consumption in various processes. Economizers assembled for existing applications increase their overall efficiency and lead to long-term cost savings. Economizers produced by AIC can operate on different mediums at a wide range of temperatures to fit every industry.


Condensing economizers provide energy recovery by exchanging heat between two mediums with different temperatures. Economizers offer the possibility of recovering both heat and cold, depending on the user’s needs. While standard economizers use only sensible heat, condensing economizers take advantage of the latent heat released in the condensation of the medium. This process leads to the high efficiency of the device.

The main advantages of AIC condensing economizers:

AIC economizers are made of stainless steel, which guarantees durability and resistance in the aggressive environment of acidic condensate.

Our condensing economizers feature dedicated, AIC-patented tubes. They are designed and manufactured by AIC and provide a large heat transfer area without causing high pressure drops.

Through the years of our service, we have been successful in fulfilling the requirements of our clients by designing and producing unique economizers made according to specific needs.

In our portfolio, clients may find shelf-products like the E-line and Veco families. Both types of economizers use AIC-designed tubes and cover a wide range of working parameters.

Our products are certified according to ASME and PED, so they can be installed in both Europe and North America.

AIC offers help in fitting the device to the client's application and calculating the economizer output according to the given parameters.


A floor-standing stainless steel condensing economizer for various applications up to 350 °C.


E-line is based on the patented tear-drop-shaped water tubes which provide a large heat transfer area but do not cause high pressure drops.

For boiler input:
up to 6000 kW

Heat absorbtion:
up to 1500 kW

Maximum temperature of exhaust gas:
up to 350 °C


A high-temperature fire tube condensing economizer intended to withstand conditions up to 1000 °C and 11 bar.


Due to its durability and efficiency, Ventura Eco is a perfect solution for commercial and industrial applications.

For boiler input:
up to 1465 kW

Heat absorbtion:
up to 720 kW

Maximum temperature of exhaust gas:
up to 1000 °C

OEM Solutions

AIC offers OEM solutions for the most demanding applications.

OEM Solutions

Our economizers, tailored to specific requirements, are a perfect combination of our best patents and manufacturing technologies proven by thousands of devices in the field.

For boiler input:
30–1500 kW

Heat absorbtion:
5–235 kW

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